Famous storytellers to speak at SapientNitro event

Famous storytellers to speak at SapientNitro event

By Ian Darby, campaignlive.co.uk, 08 May 2013, 08:55AM

SapientNitro has secured presenters including director James Cameron, designer Vivienne Westwood and cheffor its third annual Ideas Exchange event.
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Flack Charity wants Vivienne Westwood


PR Week UK, 23 October 2009, 12:00AM

1. Disability charity Scope lured fashion doyenne Dame Vivienne Westwood to open its shop in Horley, Surrey.

The charity has kicked off a process to refit 13 Scope charity shops by 2010. It is hoping to attract more customers by Christmas.

2. Heard of comic Dave Gorman’s wacky attempts to meet others with the same name? Step forward Jill Woolf, managing director of Sussex-based Chimera Communications. She has just met Nancy Brockman, owner of Chimera Communications in Colorado, US. The pair found each other on the internet and have now agreed to seek opportunities for joint working.

3. Flack hereby presents a photo from the latest ‘2010 Australian Men of Cricket’ calendar, which raises money for the McGrath Foundation. Paratus Communications’ Adam Vincenzini oversaw the bulk of the shoot off the coast of Scotland. He admitted: ‘To be honest, it was a bit wasted on me.’

For more info, see http://www.flackcambridge.org.uk/FLACKmagazine/home.html

Vivienne Westwood brief history

The Brand Council case studies: Vivienne Westwood

brandrepublic.com, 09 December 2002, 08:00AM

Originally published in ‘Cool BrandLeaders’ August 2002. The book reviews the UK’s strongest cool brands as judged by the independent Brand Council Judges.

Case study provided by The Brand Council.

Famous for her innovative, inspiring and quirky designs, Vivienne Westwood has become a true fashion icon. Vivienne Isabel Swire, aka Vivienne Westwood, the daughter of a cobbler and a cotton mill worker was born in Derbyshire in 1941. She began designing in 1971 after meeting entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren, best know for managing the Sex Pistols. By this time she was living in London, had been a primary school teacher and had been married and divorced. For over a decade Westwood and McLaren ran a shop called ‘Let It Rock’ on the King’s Road which showcased their radical designs. Westwood rapidly became one of the leading inspirations of punk fashion and was even dubbed the ‘Queen of Punk’.

The shop also sold rock’n’roll records, which was unusual at this time as this kind of music was not broadcast on British radio and hippies were still in fashion. The shop was reinvented several times as Westwood’s ideas evolved. It was renamed and the interior redesigned first as ‘Too Fast To Live,Too Young To Die’ and stocked clothing for Rockers. By 1974 the shop was called ‘Sex’ and emphasized themes of bondage, sadomasochism, and body fetishes. In 1977 it was renamed again ‘Seditionaries’ and then ‘The World’s End’ in the 1980s; a name which it still retains. It now stocks Westwood’s Anglomania collection and accessories, while the building’s backward spinning clock is a renowned tourist attraction.

In the early 1980s,Westwood began showing in Paris; the first British designer to do so since Mary Quant. Collections such as Pirates (1981-82), Savages (1982), Buffalo Girls (1982-83), Punkature (1983), and Witches (1983) helped to create the ‘New Romantic’ look which penetrated throughout popular culture. By the end of the decade, John Fairchild, editor of fashion bible, Women’s Wear Daily, had hailed Vivienne Westwood one of the six best designers in the world in his book ‘Chic Savages.’

The 1990s kicked off with Westwood being named British Fashion Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council, while ITV’s flagship arts programme, ‘The South Bank Show’, aired a one-hour profile of her.

Traditional British fabrics have remained greatly important to Westwood: Harris Tweed, Scottish Tartans, Irish Linens and wools are modified to the designer’s specifications, while specially designed tartans are woven for her, such as her own ‘MacAndreas’ tartan. This was designed for the Anglomania collection and named after Westwood’s designer husband Andreas Kronthaler. This is now displayed together with time-honoured, traditional tartans in the Lochcarron Museum of Tartan in Scotland — an incredible achievement for a designer to be accepted in this way.

Vivienne Westwood has amassed a string of other accolades including the Queen’s Award for Export (1998) in recognition of the company’s growing export market. In 1992, became an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art and, following her listing in the Birthday Honours issued by Buckingham Palace, was presented with an OBE. In addition, Vivienne Westwood is the first designer to be honoured at the Moët & Chandon Fashion Tribute. This prestigious annual event, held in conjunction with the Victoria & Albert Museum, honours leading lights from the world of fashion, whose creativity and vision has had a profound influence on our lifestyle.

The Vivienne Westwood brand now consists of four labels: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label sold in Westwood’s Mayfair store; Red Label which is the diffusion line; Man which, as one would expect, is the male collection and finally Anglomania, the designer’s casualwear line. Vivienne Westwood’s personality is reflected in all the collections and continues to challenge expectations.

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Vivienne Westwood makes uniforms for Virgin crew

By Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, marketingmagazine.co.uk, 16 July 2013, 11:57AM

Vivienne Westwood, the woman known for her activism, high fashion designs and who once featured on the front cover of Tatler under the strapline “This woman was once a punk” while dressed as Margaret Thatcher, has turned to the skies for her latest project.

Westwood has designed Virgin Atlantic’s new uniform with originality and sustainability placed at the core of the long-term partnership.

This month more than 180 specially selected staff will be trialling the new uniforms over a period of months before their official roll out across the airline next year.

Client: Luke Miles, head of design, Virgin Atlantic

Designer: Vivienne Westwood

Fashion Brand: Introduction

Chosen brand the British fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood…time to go back to the 70’s and relive the best work of fashion Britain has ever seen, in my eyes anyway. On 17th December, 2009 Just-style reports:

Designer Vivienne Westwood and Anvil Knitwear have joined forces to launch a limited edition T-shirt to support efforts at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to stop deforestation.

Danish manufacturer Anvil provided eco-friendly T-shirts from its AnvilSustainable collection.

Each shirt is made with a blend of recycled polyester, derived from approximately three recycled plastic bottles, and transitional cotton that comes from farms that are converting to organic farming methods.

Eco-friendly printing for the shirts was provided by New Buffalo Shirt Factory.

“I am so glad to have had the opportunity to do this tiny, tiny thing – design a T-shirt – every little bit helps,” said Westwood. “Act Fast/Slow Down and stop climate change. That’s the message. We must all commit ourselves. Say Yes to the Rainforest.”

A statement said that deforestation was responsible for approximately 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all the world’s cars and trucks combined.

“Environmental issues are extremely important to Anvil – we manufacture in Central America, and rainforests are in our backyard,” said Anthony Corsano, CEO of Anvil Knitwear.

“We try our best to walk the talk by improving energy efficiencies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using materials that are less harmful to the environment, and we are honoured Vivienne Westwood and the Coalition for Rainforest Nations selected us to partner with them on this important campaign.”

Westwood proves that doing something, if even in her words tiny makes a difference in the long run. What can you do/ will do to help and make the globe at least a little bit better?

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Overview of Moshi Monsters:

– Brandchannel reports June 14, 2011,  Moshi Monsters are ready for prime time at International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas; alongside Angry Birds. Also Moshi Monsters announced an exclusive line of plush toys and figurines with Toys ‘R’ Us. Furthermore in Toys ‘R’ Us fabulous 15 Christmas 2011 ideas Moshi Monsters Moshlings 3 pack mini figures were included.

-November 14 2011, Brandchannel informs that Mind Candy moves Moshi Monsters into competition with Haribo with their candy roll-out.

– The Economist announces Mind Candy has monstrous success on March 10th 2012, in bold


The Economist describes Moshi Monsters as Shoreditch’s ‘star turn’. Kids who join the site can adopt one of six types of monster. By solving puzzles they can earn rox, the currency of Monstro City, and buy monster treats. Monstro City is crowded: monsters have pets, called Moshlings; and other characters are dotted about

Michael Acton Smith aspires to be at the likes and levels of Disney one day, hopefully soon. Two year’s ago, Moshi Monsters became the bestselling children’s magazine in Britain, shifting nearly 163,000 copies a month in the second half of 2011. handheld console. There are also trading cards, toys and costly silver charms. Last year more than $100m-worth (£64m) of Moshi Monsters merchandise was sold worldwide. Mr Acton Smith claims that Mind Candy would be profitable with either its online subscription revenues or its merchandising sales alone. “Both are very high margin,” he says.

One advantage of starting with online content rather than film is that the fixed costs are much lower. It is also far cheaper to introduce new characters in an online world than in a cinematic sequel. And it is easy to tell how popular they are with customers.

Lady Gaga won an injunction of any work by her near-namesake Lady Goo Goo.

Moshi Monsters ahh!

The world of Moshi Monsters has been created by Mind Candy, a company that loves developing games and new forms of interactive entertainment. You can learn more about Mind Candy by visiting our website.

Our intention when creating Moshi Monsters was to a produce a ground breaking new entertainment experience that would be fun, safe and educational for kids of all ages.

Visitors to the site can adopt their very own pet Monster, give it a name and design its color scheme. Each Monster has a lively personality that develops the more it is played with. Monster owners can nuture their pet by solving daily puzzle games to earn Rox, the in-game currency. Rox can be used to buy weird and wonderful things in the virtual shop to keep Monsters healthy and happy. Monster owners can make new friends and connect with existing friends through a wide variety of safe social networking features such as Monster blogs, Newsfeeds, pinboards and buddy lists. We’re hard at work dreaming up all sorts of new features to expand the game play and world of Moshi Monsters. Stay tuned!Moshi image 1 Moshi image 2 Moshi image 3