Pickton, D. and Broderick, A. (2005) Integrated Marketing Communications. 2nd ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall. E-book available.

Pickton details how common brand understanding and common brand passion, not standardised messaging (Pickton, 2005:29), Westwood plays great attention to detail with historical knowledge of tailoring, history and what she as the face of the company believes in passionately; includes how to make the world a better place through using eco friendly fabrics. Westwood’s strategy is about efficiency, doing things right, effectiveness is about doing the right things. (Pickton, 2005:29) Vivienne Westwood possesses both strength and direction, evidenced throughout showing it is a brand that thinks about how it can affect the world, being affected both emotionally and physically by what happens and furthered by conative thinking and ¬†making public statements, state-mental t-shirts to enforce a catalyst of change. (Pickton, 2005:94)

VW Statemental t-shirtsanti-terrorism


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