De Chernatony, L. (2010) From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation.3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. E-book available.

Vivienne Westwood is many things, a role model, the brand herself, research has proven customer facing staff, are the brand’s visual representations influencing customers’ views about how they are receiving the brand.  (De Chernatony 2010:10) As Westwood does speak out and voice her values it creates a strong powerful, emotional and relative impact to the consumers / customers. The success of a brand depends on the extent to which there is harmony between the managerially defined values, effective implementation of values by staff and appreciation of these values amongst customers (De Chernatony 2010:12) Westwood incorporates promised experience, emotional values and functional values which when analysing does equalise to harmony.

Ethical westwood heart satchels


This is an example of how Westwood makes harmony, speaking out about ethical issues, promising to do something about them, creating a functional bag with a heart of love, epitomising harmony. A motivating brand purpose is concerned with answering the questions ‘How is the world going to be a better place as a consequence of the brand and will this inspire and guide staff?’ (De Chernatony 2010:130) Westwood speaks out about purpose and how to make the world a better place, creating ethical bags is one foot towards doing just that. Further from the brand vision there should emerge a sense of direction for the brand (De Chenatony 2010:193) Westwood creates visions, speaks out about them and then creates lines to make the consumer think and question how to make the world a better place and through the product created help to do so.


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