Drapers, November 2nd 2013

Retail business should consist change by monitoring the society of change, Westwood is a great zeitgeist for historical fashions with examples such as punk. Interesting for both Westwood and Moshi Monster’s two brands I am looking into presently. Drapers reports London retailers failing to use new technologies (Drapers, 2013:14) with 14% of retailers on Oxford Street and Regent Street offering in-store Wi-Fi, despite more than half of consumers saying they are more likely to shop with a retailer that embraces technology, according to a report by software provider Omnico. The report which audited more than 90 retailers, also found the most commonly used technology by retailers was click-and-collect 44%, followed by video screens in store windows 35%.

While the average number of technologies deployed by retailers was two, both John Lewis and Nike, who were at the top of the list in fashion retailers in terms of digital innovations among fashion retailers, have six or more customer-facing technologies. Despite high footfall and the challenge of reducing queues, just 9% of the streets’ retailers had interactive in-store kiosks offering access to their full collections.

44% Order online, pick-up in store,

35% Video screens in the shop window,

30% Order in store for home delivery,

19% Order in store for delivery for another store,

14% Customer Wi-Fi,

14% Advert for social media interaction,

9% Interactive kiosks.


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