Randall, G. (2000) Branding: a practical guide to planning your strategy. 2nd ed. London: Kogan Page.

A strong brand is one that has a consistent, coherent identity (Randall, 2000: 9) Westwood’s I am what I am, love me or hate me. Similar in the sense of Marmite. Every brand must have some means of communicating with its buyers. This may not be advertising, but it must be direct if it is to be controllable (Randall: 2000: 67) Westwood may well have taken a step back from her brand, nonetheless nowadays is blogging more on http://www.activeresistance.co.uk/ar/ with diary entries and social media , she is more about being out there and not just speaking but doing. That is the key. The brand is all about being you, not someone else, being strong, unaffraid and to DO something to help the world progress.



Love resistance



Westwood’s identity is about non-conforming.


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