Kapferer J-N T (2012) The New Strategic Brand Management: advanced insights and strategic thinking. 5th ed. Kogan Page.

A brand is a name with the power to influence (Kapferer: 2012:8) Vivienne Westwood has certainly influenced myself and I am certain many others to keep the brand going, making profit and to maintain a voice being heard. Awarenes = power, the evocations and emotions it triggers in consumers’ minds (Kapferer: 2012:39) Inspiro 1


What does this image mean? Well it means you have a choice, to produce economic good and not be a sheep and follow others because that is what the majority are doing. Adding an evoking symbol (Kapferer: 2012:39) Westwood has the globe as her symbol, which is iconic to ironically the Queens crown but also through Chelsea, within London you can see fencing with the same symbol



The gold emblem furthest to the right represents a similar symbol to that of Westwood’s

Westwood symbol


Also it is cleverly representing the shape of a globe, very much how Westwood is active resistance to many factors that are globally going on in the world. In cognitive psychology, the prototype is the instance that summarises and carries most of the meaning of the brand (Kapferer: 2012:39) Westwood’s symbol, the prototype summarises that the brand is out to touch and effect the world. Westwood, some may say is admiring to the likes of brands, such as Red Cross, a brand which can save lives (Kapferer: 2012:65) Both have symbols, both are based on great ideas, both act out on what they believe in, local, nationally and globally. This is effective as the notion of engagement is important, for it suggests that some people may rally to our cause and support it (Kapferer: 2012:129) Watching Westwood on TV, social media, magazines, all forms of social networking and digital print in the 21st century from what she stands up for, many of her followers partake in following with her cause.

Brand content gives content to brands, as well as depth and emotion. This content has to drive emotion and attention to become viral (Kapferer: 2012:142) Westwood is the content, people who follow Westwood whether it be the clothing, accessories, which ever category, they follow her as a person.

Looking at brand architecture, what to call brand products? Westwood smartly relates the names of lines, products to everything she, the company, believes in; such as Anglomania,  “On the English side we have tailoring and an easy charm, on the French side that solidity of design and proportion that comes from never being satisfied because something can always become more refined.” (Vivienne Westwood, accessed on 10th October 2013) Have a store based on Conduit Street, within London remains close to British tailoring roots of the likes of Savile Row tailor’s which bring international interest from all over. The upmarket french assumption of fashion with the likes of Coco Chanel and historical associations of french chic, the two endorsed together brings quality and style hand in hand.

Westwood is strategic with her skillset, experience, awareness and knowledge obtaining goals and results.


AnarchyNot a terrorist



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