Borja De Mozota, B. (2003) Design Management: using design to build brand value and corporate innovation. New York: Allworth Press. Te

In relation to the British fashion designer: Dame Vivienne Westwood:

Aim: Design is a creative activity whose aim is to establish the multi-faceted qualities of objects, processes, services, and their systems in whole life cycles. Therefore, design is the central factor of innovative humanization of technologies and the crucial factor of culture and economic exchange. (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 3) Westwood clearly identifies the products within her work that they are showcasing different identities, architectural shapes within her tailoring.

Techniques of the design involve innovation, aesthetics, and creation (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 4) Within Westwood’s designs you can conform that all of the points BDM mentions are clearly laid out and thought about, for example the use of tartan in asymmetric shapes, not just classic red but bright, bold yellows to give it an edgy dysfunctional approach which creates interest to admirers of her art. Comparatively and historically VW showcases: the designer is an innovator and trendsetter who tries to initiate change, to make a leap of imagination. (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 4)

Example of the Design Tree:

The Design Tree

Westwood is well known for her history, both in her array of training and historical research but also influences such as; punk, reinvention, sex, dressing up, 70’s inspiration, cultural links such as ethical values with strong women and climate revolution, see image below:

Westwood herself 8

Design history reveals the diversity (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 21) researching her work thoroughly and conclusively it is evidenced how strongly she has equipped her work through different time frames.

Innovate to design (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 116) Today there is a strong emergence within the art world, furthered on into fashion with intricate cuts and artistic cuts, Westwood’s suit in particular visualises proof of this:

Intricate suits

The design process is a combination of analysis (like strategic planning) and synthesis (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 148) It is an argument as to how much input and output Westwood puts into her company today, nonetheless the British heritage focus is still heavily considered within the brand as she prevented a big Asian globalisation of the brand; perhaps to prevent the Burberry effect of the brand being no longer exclusive, (before it was recently reinvented).

Dame Vivienne Westwood is about active resistance, the lady with the orange hair (CBS News- Sunday Morning America which aired on Sunday 4th August 2013) At 72 years old, she is not giving up, with the likes of Gwnyeth Paltrow and Meryl Streep following her and wearing her pieces. An inspirational and admirable person, she brings the brand to life, she is the brand. With 126 stores, irreverent and uncomprimised, a reaction against what is.  The Queen is a wonderful asset, like social cement. Expect the unexpected, make the world a better place. Fashion is STILL about the message. Don’t you agree?

Making the world a better place with the use of re-cycled, reflective sunglasses (Active Resistance,  accessed 10th October, 2013)

what's good for the planet

It is hard to disagree with the comment. Branding is the goal in building brand equity = profit. Internal role models are stories, programs, events and people that are perfectly represent in brand identity. Branding is not a function built by one department. Every touchpoint, not just design, advertising and promotion, must be on brand, every individual within the company should believe, eat and breath the brand ; as they are charged with the responsibility of knowing what it means. They are the souls, face, identities and formers and trendsetters of the brand. (Borja De Morzota: 2003: 206) Westwood is a strong personality at 72 years old unworried about what she says, after all we live in a free country; nonetheless takes the risks and consequences that it may have and play as an effect on her brand.


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