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Dame Vivienne Westwood has rebooted London through putting her stamp on it with her thorough research of history’s costume making to create traditional, tailored and quintessentially Londonesque, British designs. The Dame herself informs that “I wanted
to show people how exciting the world of fashion can be by presenting the different ways it is communicated” (Wilcox, 2004). This interlinks with what Grand Union is forming as they both want to strike out from the standard. Both Grand Union and Dame Westwood focus on London and their heritage of being one of few originals from London and all the marvel it holds. When selecting which designer to collaborate with, this was a strong key to the interlink, previous collections of this mixed with culture of crowns, punk styles, being eco friendly and recreating past structured pieces. Dame Westwood’s home is London and being one of a few originals from London knowing the marvel it holds she understands and believes deeply in a city’s culture stating that “The only thing I really do believe in is culture” (Wilcox, 2004).

When selecting which designer to collaborate with, this was a strong key to the interlink, previous collections of this mixed with culture of crowns, punk styles, “Famed for her high-heeled shoes and punk-inspired collections” (Wilcox, 2004), the emphasis on shoes will be emphasised through the collaboration along with being eco friendly and recreating past structured pieces. It is the perfect time for Dame Vivienne Westwood to be making a landmark on London, especially as “In London you feel your back’s to the wall from the very beginning” (Wilcox, 2004).

Anything goes and this has been shown through Westwood’s previous collections, involving her collaboration with the imagery of the safety pin in the lip of the Queen was saying: “You too can be punk” (Wilcox, 2004). Anybody is adaptable and can be ‘out there’ the selling and marketing of Royalty is what will be created for Grand Union’s exclusive collection. London’s Queen British designer Dame Vivienne Westwood designing for the landmark of London Grand Union in 2012.

Queen of fashion

Queen of fashion

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ECCENTRIC – Flora is 28 (going on 36) year old who enjoys being involved in many different creative activities at one time and often works long hours to finish what she has started and believes hard work pays off in the long run. Her eccentricity is shown through bright, tailored outfits, well made with a little bit of something extra added to them. The goal of Flora is to be independently successful, both financially and spiritually. Companions to Flora are other independent creative types from various industries that like to meet together to share their ideas, dreams and aspirations. Flora enjoys travel and different cultures, and lives in London
as central as possible. Flora works in the creative industry and is interested in using blogs and other mediums to communicate her creativity. She uses travel and people watching as a continuous progress for learning. Flora wants to make a difference and strives to be a role model to other women.

REBEL – Zoe is 26 and moved to London right after finishing high school to pursue her dream to work in fashion PR. Her parents wanted her to complete her degree first, but a rebel at heart, she decided to go ahead with her plan. After working her way up to senior management at a successful fashion brand, she got a PR position offered at the head office. A year later she opened her own boutique PR agency. Her office is near the epicentre of London’s fashion world. She works hard but she keeps a good work/life balance. She loves go out partying with friends and enjoys Sundays at Colombia Market or Brick Lane. Zoe loves a classic designer piece, is always on the hunt for an edgy vintage necklace or bag. She likes to keep her outfit simple both at and out of work: clean lines, neutral colours, interesting textures and statement accessories. Trademark rock’n roll inspired pieces to give her outfit a twist. REtRO – Ava is 26 who lives in one of the trendiest areas of London. She works as a freelance stylist; therefore she visits charity

shops and markets on a regular basis to pick up quirky vintage and second hand pieces which she then converts into a stylish look. Her income is average, but she likes to spend every penny on casualties, not a saving up type. Her flat and wardrobe reflects her love of vintage but there are designer pieces in there too, making it harmonious and trendy. Conscious of her appearance, she wants to be seen as different from the crowd but also sophisticated when she is out socializing. Her busy social life includes dinner with friends or going out for cocktails on a Friday or Saturday night. Ava spends Sunday doing creative activities, decorating, sewing etc.

Eco – Tara is 32, a white collar professional and has recently paid off her university student loan and now has increased disposable income. She is cohabiting with her boyfriend in a rented flat in central London and lives close to work. Tara has grown up being socially aware regarding recycling and organic food culture and has embraced these ideologies as an adult. Tara has become increasing aware of eco-fashion. She likes to travel locally and abroad, and minimizes her carbon foot by walking, cycling or using public transport. She spends her free time socializing with her single, recently married and cohabiting (straight/gay) friends through creative activities such as: art galleries, music festivals, dinner parties/restaurant dining, and a nights out drinking and a chatting.


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