Overview of Moshi Monsters:

– Brandchannel reports June 14, 2011,  Moshi Monsters are ready for prime time at International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas; alongside Angry Birds. Also Moshi Monsters announced an exclusive line of plush toys and figurines with Toys ‘R’ Us. Furthermore in Toys ‘R’ Us fabulous 15 Christmas 2011 ideas Moshi Monsters Moshlings 3 pack mini figures were included.

-November 14 2011, Brandchannel informs that Mind Candy moves Moshi Monsters into competition with Haribo with their candy roll-out.

– The Economist announces Mind Candy has monstrous success on March 10th 2012, in bold


The Economist describes Moshi Monsters as Shoreditch’s ‘star turn’. Kids who join the site can adopt one of six types of monster. By solving puzzles they can earn rox, the currency of Monstro City, and buy monster treats. Monstro City is crowded: monsters have pets, called Moshlings; and other characters are dotted about

Michael Acton Smith aspires to be at the likes and levels of Disney one day, hopefully soon. Two year’s ago, Moshi Monsters became the bestselling children’s magazine in Britain, shifting nearly 163,000 copies a month in the second half of 2011. handheld console. There are also trading cards, toys and costly silver charms. Last year more than $100m-worth (£64m) of Moshi Monsters merchandise was sold worldwide. Mr Acton Smith claims that Mind Candy would be profitable with either its online subscription revenues or its merchandising sales alone. “Both are very high margin,” he says.

One advantage of starting with online content rather than film is that the fixed costs are much lower. It is also far cheaper to introduce new characters in an online world than in a cinematic sequel. And it is easy to tell how popular they are with customers.

Lady Gaga won an injunction of any work by her near-namesake Lady Goo Goo.


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