Phillipa Lepley Haute Couture, flattering, figure fetching designs:

Being an admirer of attention to detail, embellishment, vintage sparkle these couture pieces I find extremely exquisite. Having worked a little in a vintage wedding dress showroom before I saw hundreds of beautiful dresses laid out for the bride-to-be to invest in. I read in the newspaper this morning a very interesting scientific fact which is logical, wearing slumping clothes generally your body will then to slump. If you wear something tailored or fitted, your posture maintains that shape and an upright, what I call ‘Ballerina pose’. Have you noticed how ballerinas are so elegant and composed, its in the art of their dance, like swans they move through time slowly and royally. Is that not the picture you want people to envision on your wedding day?

One day to be remembered for the rest of your life, a magical, heart tingling day that no-one can take away from you because its your day. For that day you are a real Cinderella. Wouldn’t it be such a shame if there was no imagination, no dreamers to create such special moments.

Phillipa Lepley designs too believe in craftmanship and contouring of beautiful fabrics and embellishments. Each bride-to-be is an individual whom:

“Every gown is built specifically to flatter each bride’s figure, to enhance her individual shape in the best possible way. In turn making her look as beautiful and feel as confident as possible on her big day.” Phillipa Lepley- A personable person who appears very open and honest about her designs and herself as a person and what she stands for. Also previously a student at London College of Fashion but from a design background, of course.


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