Celebrity Consumer Marketing: Pringle, H (2004) Celebrity Sells, Wiley, London:

So many brands, companies use Celebrities now to sell their concept, ideas, lifestyle. This is clearly visual today in billboards, editorials, adverts, advertorial. Celebrities in their own selves are already made and their status sold so,

“In a sense the celebrity is using the iconography of the brand to build his or her own distinctive identity. At the other end of the scale, of course, the lead is taken by a brand, which seeks to enhance its own positioning by a close commercial association with a celebrity, thus acquiring some of their iconic status for itself. ” (:117)

Resulting into a win, win situation both the client and the celebrity receives recognition and grows their awareness, in the meantime being recognised for an extra credit. Sometimes however this can be confusing to the consumer and somewhat odd as to the new Chanel No. 5 advert, a brand normally seen as so classy an enriched, desirable featuring a rugged, what appears as a cast away. See for yourself, what are your views…


The idea of an ever lasting essence is the message I get from it. What does it make you think?

5,431,567 views, posted on 14th October 2012 31 second clip 5,688 dislikes.

Comparable or arguably incomparable to the dreamy short movie: Le Film- CHANEL No5, lasting 2:02 minutes, posted on 19th September 2012, 52,491 only just under a month apart and only 11 dislikes, posted but such a massive difference in popularity is this not due to the celebrity though to create hear say and chatter Brad Pitt is so iconic to so many “normal, non celebrities”.


Strong links to Nicole Kidman’s showcase in Moulin Rouge, it is more of a story, more of a secret, the linking of “commercial association”. The movie has a zeitgeist essence linked to it which also appeals and connects with the consumer. To me the Nicole Kidman advertisement is more powerful, the new one for Brad Pitt is everlasting but the Nicole Kidman one is more intense, about being in the moment. I am sure we can all relate to this more, like watching movies and the big scene where you wish that was you, you have empathy and emotion due to the effect it has played on you. The way the necklace Nicole Kidman wears on the back of her body whilst wearing an extravagant, show stopping red carpet tail dress it is like a secret ssshhh.

Perhaps it is simply because “for the first time in the history of Chanel No5 a man agrees to represent the most femine of fragrances: Brad Pitt”. Changing history in Chanel No5.


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