Purple the idea of versatility.
A suit associated with business.
The warmth of mohair tailored against the body.
Why suits as to farmer dressing?
Leopard, the copycat of those fiercest and with nothingness the bold print has got results.
Mistress just a bit of fluff?
Why are the two impaired?
Is it the boldness of their attire?
How do one and two flex together?
Why a rapper as to a quintessential gentlemen.
Or vice versa?
Why blonde or brown?
How come in such a big world with so much culture the sight of spikes and vibrancy is stunned upon.
Blue or pink colours psychologists identify a character?
Hidden in the visual look is just a statue, why doesn’t she move naturally?
Is it insecurity or simply the journey of whom I am and who are you?
Why size zero as to size twenty?
Just because Dawn French is happy no surprise with that “terry” and oranges all you need is vitamin C and some company.
Contrasting in slimmer portraits is that of 60’s Twiggy when you get all those free clothes; makes sense you’re forever going to be pictured as a happy hippy.
A hippy is a free person, no commitments or ties this is why you will never see one in a disguise.
What is it about black that represents working attire?
At the same time black is for death so work + black=death?
Why not paisley but wools and silks?
Are clowns simply for joking because expression on a day-to-day basis would be too creative?
What is it about your mother’s clothing you wouldn’t wear but now you replica her style?
Asian cloths the idea of vibrant oranges and yellows is that why in England it’s more a dot on the globe due to the cloudiness of greys, blues and blacks?
Something is everything as otherwise everything is nothing.
If you think of being Einstein then like him you will be gone.
What is so empowering about a career as to a job?
Fashion is popularity as it is your own unique flaunt.
Why the associations?
The narrow mindless like Nazis doesn’t like a controlled level of freedom?
Cost is quality not labelling.
Know your stuff, just because it’s “the shop” does not mean it’s for you.
So what if its Woman’s clothing he’s happy so let him free.
Is this why it is so competitive and cut throat the results of the unknown and never-ending goals?
If I view on what I see and not what I know then what determines the right from the wrongful?
He the bad man looked ever so glamorous and stylish to me does that make it a bad thing?
When those that try to be invisible lose themselves visually does this not more stand out and make us run to their cry for help?
It may look like a thread but in fact it is the link between stories the forever memories because the unexpected memory of a mind is uncertain.
Philosophy you can very swiftly turn into a taboo and bam wake up time for all never think you are a know it all.
Study and study but you will never know everything this is the reason the cloths work complimentary together.
Ambience is not fact it is the imaginary, the creativity.
Stylists are simply robbers of the silent objects that are worked and worn for you.
If fashion is clothing then why changes in everything, you have the basics why do we want what we don’t know?
The obsession with Celebrities is just a fashion because in fashion you are forever and eager so really were beavers.
Buried in our ways all fighting this is the leopard everyone wants what she has, what he has, what they have.
In a sight of little this is like sunshine to my eyes yet is it a bad thing when learning’s of bad things?
If we all the comforts then by the end of a truly worked day they would look like rags, which is why Cinderella day time and Cinderella night-time don’t go hand in hand.
In the end the most successful fashions are the ones you don’t see, like magic they sweep up on you besotted you are blind to what is actually happening.
When you say Fashion isn’t it funny how it rhymes with passion?
This was magic, no picture of Picasso’s imaginary.
From being told this is that, never exploring what ifs this is my fashion world.
Felt is rough because it wants to be left alone.
Silk is so gentle against the skin because it is a protector.
Cotton is as popular as it expands for the entire fatty’s.
The fabrics under wear is a base this is the diva’s excuse, my basics, protect, warmth, food.
Fashion is a shock like ice-cream to the brain.
The uncomforting, the unknowing they are epics.
Why Titanic, why the notebook because it is already written and so you can’t do it.
Can’t is not such word a wise one once said but think positive and karma will flow your way.
You will be the fashion as long as your mind is clear.
Clarity like fogginess is just part of the journey.
So many opinionated, pompous beings will stereotypically assume one meaning, one way, and you glide your way.
Fashion is freedom; there is no coincidence in the alliteration just a moral for all to learn as you glide in your journeys stride.
Cruella is evil with the killing of animals because she is in hatred of what really underlies.
I am me, you are you, twins may be identical but so often the best fashion examples are explored here.
The mirror image with eagerness to be what you are not and so in two they can really set the plot.
Fashion is a cycle, you guess the forecast and you will become more powerful than Mr Michael.
Every day is simply put as a day as you must have restriction you characters will explode otherwise with all this indifferent friction.
Jibble, Jabble, just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean it is not right it is quite simply one person’s insight.
Short, fat, thin and lanky really all the same it’s how you use your pronunciation.
Fashion week is there for the entire God’s to attend all to share their incredible fascinations or simply it is just information for the next creation.
The rebellion of what is happening, today, tomorrow and the past it excites my wardrobe who quite simply have doors so they know when their time has gone at last.
I don’t have much money but so what nor do I live in a pit.
Today my eyes have been opened and I have differences in ways to be.
No-one knows the future that’s why it is a forever revolving globe.
All chances are there to be explored who knows the future that’s why fashion is to abode.
Hair holds many secrets and can be changed many ways, fashion is all strands of hair but in the end even if you try to demolish it all it will just grow back somewhat the same.
Tokyo in Japan, New York, Milan all the circus landmarks of fashion because there you may get frowned upon but anything can happen; in the end it will be like past returning fast.
Trying to label fashions but how can you label what is not yours, that’s why there is such a deflation to the human floor.
Ego this and ego that in the end you smart ass you will just fall flat on your ass.
Deviating away from the changing point of my remembering just shows how one day, in which you will never know and can never show the best of all can happen.
One second, one movement and its published but we don’t kiss and tell that’s why clothing is so comforting.
The best friends you can have are your fashion which is why in fashion itself it is like a mute world for ideas and creations.
The naivety of not knowing visual arts!
All characters have their own opinions otherwise we would all be numb and head up the ass but how you express and withheld your viewpoints determines whether your allowed.
For all we have our own ideas so who are you and who am I to say what fashion is.
Inspired by:
“Dressed in a purple mohair suit with his leopard-print clad mistress”.

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