CRM: Baker, S. (2003) New Consumer Marketing, John Wiley & Sons, London

“CRM is the managing customer relationships is an integrated business process involving the consolidation of individual customer data from multiple sources to create a mutually valuable proposition. CRM’s emphasis on using IT to monitor customers’ transaction histories and exploit their purchasing behaviour serves to reinforce the impact of customer retention strategies.” (:16)

I thoroughly agree with the CRM system, I have found in my work experience keeping a diary of every aspect related to the customer from sizing to what they have brought will enable efficiency in service and opportunity. In my time whilst working at Gieves and Hawkes on Savile Row I found this extremely beneficial, especially to those customers whom have brought many items and to the extent of not remembering what or which fit and sizes worked for them. As Baker informs: “For some it has meant better marketing communications, providing a means of escaping from the constraints of mass communications and of achieving more personalized dialogue.” (:17) It cuts out fasting and beating around the bush to having everything accessible in one place.


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