Plan for recommendation of a location with justifications of a physical store for ASOS presentation…

After  meeting on Saturday 27th October 2012 as a group at John Princes Street, London College of Fashion, Oxford Circus decisions were made regarding our presentation:

  •  2.5 minutes each.
  • 2.5 minutes store recommendation.
  • Australia offices pop up shops have included:

1. Freda’s Bar in Chippendale.

2. Opera House- tourist/ commuter/ traffic= money.

3. Beach House in Kings Cross.

  • IDEAS: London based.
  • AMBER: Presented Camden table idea.
  • BONNIE: Pop up shops in Box park and universities in September when students get money in.
  • KRISZTINA: Exclusive/ Limited.
  • ROSA: 4 pop up shops.
  • JOSE: Attract older people to be younger.
  • = Teamwork, the five of us us Amber, Bonnie, Jose, Krisztina and Rosa decide:

N: In the North a shop in Camden.

E: In the East a shop in Shoreditch.

S: In the South Chelsea/ Sloane Square/ Knightsbridge- influence Lipsy collection of SW4.

W: In the West Notting Hill.

AND last but not least in Central London- Covent Garden as there is high footfall, ‘tasters collection’- test technology. Three click rule store. Also returns.


  • All stores are close to head office in Camden and not too far from Barnsley Warehouse.
  • Each store will have its own exclusive and limited collection as per the area of style so North is vintage, East is creative and Urban, South is funky and cool, West is more family orientated.

Result of Meeting:

  • Decision of locations for physical store for Asos and clarity of rehearsal of Presentation Tuesday 20th October 2012 JPS, London College of Fashion 18:00-20:00pm.



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