Opened eyes to Yangon, Myanmar 2010

2010 Yangon, Myanmar, a place I know I had never heard of before. Sacred Pagoda Schwedagon located with golden pyramids I found much more fascinating than the must see pyramids in Egypt, (which I have seen to compare to.) In Egypt it is much more touristy whereas the Pagoda in Yangon seemed far more exclusive. As I entered the Pagoda with several colleagues and friends I had overwhelming feelings as I had never seen or been anywhere quite like it before. It was the evening but high temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius plus so very humid still. Shoes were not allowed inside the pagoda and there was an area to wash your feet before and after entering. The ambience was calm and welcoming, I felt a sense of  privilege experiencing a different way of life to what I was used to and it was addictive; I couldn’t wait to explore.

Within the walls are the monks guarding the pagodas delicately.  For me this was a culture shock, I had seen in films monks and then had a real life encounter with meeting monks who were very friendly and encouraged me to bang a sacred bell which gave off a church like echo. Looking around me I realised I was the only blond-haired person there and my best friend George had very dark skin is this why we seemed so curious to them and them to us?

Ecstatic by the difference in culture, the long red robes, the shaved hair, the calmness of the area. Everything at the Pagoda Schwedagon was enchanting, so much richness in such a poor area. It is believed inside the pyramids are set up devices so if anyone tries to steal the gold the pyramids will destruct. What a wonder of the world, a new experience, never to be forgotten.


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